Solo practice on the Organ 1

Went in for my first time to just play with the organ. Worked only on this week’s hymns, trying to see if any of the presets can work. My immediate problems are:

  1. Volume. I’m having real problems trying to keep the volume at a reasonable level. Last Sunday, though the weather was poor, we still only had about 60 people at the service. Most of the presets I tried would crush the congregation. I need to keep each manual on one or two stops maximum.
  2. Pedals. They’re hard to play unless I’m looking down. And then I kind of forget where I’m at in the piece. However, if I just keep to whole notes and the basic bass of the chord, it sounds pretty cool.
  3. Then if I use the pedals, I don’t know what to play in my left hand. I’m used to banging out the bass line in my left hand. I need to get used to doing something else. Basic chording works great; just have to do it.

Still it was kind of fun. My plan is to do at least one hymn on the organ this week. Maybe the standard offering and Lord’s Prayer as well; though the latter sounds really good on piano.


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