First Major Screwup

Not really that huge but I thought it was funny. So we’re doing a hymn that I kind of liked (We Are Pilgrims, number 595 in the Voices United book for those of you following along at home). It’s pretty much all quarter notes over the same bass note in each bar. So I figured here’s my chance to really rock it out. I put on preset 2 which seems to have some good sounds for each manual; played verse 1 on the great, verse 2 on the choir, verse 3 on the swell, then kicked up the swell pedal and tried to really bring it home on verse 4. Put a little ritard on the end, thought to myself, “That went well!” and smiled. Then people started singing. Some of these hymns have verses under the music and then additional verses at the bottom of the page. Like this one. Two in fact. I’d kind of already blown my limited number of organ tricks. So I just kind of caught up and played normally to the end. I guess the good news is that I’ll probably never make that mistake again.Picture0006


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