There’s always something

Our church music director has broken her wrist. Not sure how or how bad but for sure she’s going to be away today. I think someone from the choir is going to try and lead today but given the small size of our choir, we really need everyone singing. So I guess I’ll try to do what I can to conduct the choir from the organ. We’ve got the organ set back a bit on the stage so it will mean a lot of head turning from the choir and a lot of head bobbing from me to cue them.

However, it’s not like I’m the first accompanist to lead the choir at the same time so I guess i should suck it up. Where it could be difficult is in two weeks. Our music director is also out back up accompanist and I have Worms gigs in Alberta. Hopefully there’s someone out there who can fill in; if we’re lucky maybe the University student who was my predecessor will be back and willing to play. Maybe I can pre-record some backing tracks!

Wait, I suspect that would be the road to putting myself out of a job. Wonder if any churches do that already? Kind of makes sense.


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