The Announcement

No doubt this will be as big as Lebron James moving to Miami. Today there will be an announcement at the church that the musical director for the past two years has decided to move on. However, they will be no doubt thrilled to announce that a successor has been found. That would be me. Starting February 1st, I am in charge of all things musical at the church.

It’ll be interesting. Though I am getting comfortable with the week to week flow of the service and the time demands for me; I am still quite unfamiliar with music for the choir. The previous director has volunteered to help out with this process for the next few months so I should be okay but it’s still a bit worrisome.

However, it should be fun. I have to be present at all services and rehearsals anyways so it’s not a big change in my time commitment. It’s mostly that I have to be more aware of what the choir is doing and try and help them out where I can.

I’ve never led a choir before. A couple of times I helped out by conducting the Arnprior Community Choir at rehearsals when the director was ill or on vacation but have never really led a group from beginning to end. So there will surely be some satisfaction in hearing a piece take shape. I am hoping that it will inspire me to write some things as well.

I think the real challenge is going to be in the fall and winter when the Arrogant Worms record and release a new album. It will require some real time management skills in figuring out which weeks I will miss and how to program those weeks. However, I usually have a fair amount of notice on these so we’ll make it work.

In the meantime, on the organ I have set myself some goals. I have some fairly simple organ pieces that I’m going to try and master so that I have them ready for special occasions. Here is where the pedals are a real challenge. In playing certain hymns, I have been able to work in some very basic pedalling by just sticking to the root of the 3 major chords. But to actually read a line of pedal notes while reading the other hand is well beyond me at present. I can practice the left and right hands at home on a piano but there’s no substitute for being on the organ and working at it. Once again though, for now I get paid a little bit to learn the instrument. How cool is that?


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