Now it’s my fault

Nothing to apologize for yet. It’s just that today marks the first Sunday service with me as the musical director. Really quite a rapid sequence of events. As of last summer, six months ago, I had no intention of playing in a church every week. I barely attended. However, not only am I entrenched as the organist I am now in charge.

In speaking to my sisters, they like to point out how excited and proud my mother would have been. She was very musical and a faithful member of St. John’s United Church in Hamilton, ON. She had a long battle with arthritis which robbed her of her ability to play the piano and organ and severely hindered her mobility and energy level. Still, whenever possible she still went to church, sang along to the hymns and listened to what the minister said. She passed away ten years ago this past Tuesday. If one believes in a heaven she’s there listening and singing along as I struggle with the organ on any given hymn.

I sang “How Great Thou Art” at her funeral. It’s been chosen as a hymn during my five month stint at the church. I still struggle with it now and pretty much refuse to sing it. I’ll play it during the Introit today as a bit of an homage. Then just try to keep up with the rest of the service.


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